M&P Preservation was established in 2016 when PLAD Timber & Damp Proofing merged with Marston Timber Preservation.

PLAD Timber & Damp Proofing was formed in 1969, providing specialist damp proofing and timber treatment services for all types of properties, and rapidly establishing a reputation for quality, service and professionalism.

In 2006, the company was purchased by Prestec UK Ltd. The founders of each company had trained together in the late 1950s, making this a mutually beneficial, harmonious partnership. The buyout allied PLAD with a highly successful local name, enabling the business to expand steadily. 

In November 2016, PLAD joined forces with Marston Timber Preservation, both family-run businesses, whose founding partners also originally trained together in the 1960s. With 80 years’ joint experience and bases to the north and south of Birmingham, the new venture has placed the business, renamed as M&P Preservation, at the forefront of damp proofing and timber preservation in the Midlands.

Committed to the same traditional values of integrity, service and quality workmanship that had built both companies over the years, M&P Preservation is in an excellent position to move forward, extend recognition in the marketplace and achieve strategic growth.


We provide a comprehensive range of damp proofing, waterproofing and timber preservation treatments.