Damp Proofing: the facts

Dampness in buildings, if left unattended can lead to structural deterioration, it will result in the decay of timbers and spoil decoration in some cases it can be dangerous to health.

Damp Proof Course is a protected barrier of slate, or bitumus felt which stops the capillary flow of water from the ground, and protects the timber floor joists. When the damp proof course breaks down it is necessary to carry out remedial works.

M&P Preservation offers three types of damp proof course systems:

1. Silicone Injection - This is applied to the pours of the brickwork forming a protective barrier.

2. Dry Zone system - A silicone cream damp proof course is applied into the mortar joints of the brickwork.

3. Dry Rod - These are installed into the mortar joints, and diffuse a water repellent material into the brickwork.

Once the application has been carried out correct re-plastering is of the upmost importance and M&P Preservation will carry out specialist re-plastering using a 1:4 mix with washed sharp sand incorporating a salt retarding additive.

M&P Preservation's surveyors have many years of expertise and are qualified to PCA standards, and will carry out a survey and assess the problem and advise on the best solution.

Our team of specialist operators can then carry out remedial works and are experts in methods of damp proofing in all types of properties from residential to stately homes.

For further information please contact us on 01283 248124 or email us and one of our trained specialists will get back to you.